Técnica Aseguradora Internacional was founded in late 2006 as the evolution of Fito & Asociados, Gestión de Riesgos, S.L., adapting their status to the requirements of new Mediation Act.

The experience gained from the previous period as Fito & Asociacidos, gives rise to a new entity, Técnica Aseguradora Internacional, which operates in the form of underwriting agency and extending its sphere of action to almost all the national territory.

The fact of having the support of Lloyd's of London, leading insurer reference in the world market for more than 300 years, may Técnica Aseguradora Internacional has been able to design insurance products that respond to the needs of jewelry industry in its many variants (retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers).

Also, Técnica Aseguradora Internacional holds an important role in training, with its frequent product presentations and coverage, which have been promoted in recent years in collaboration with various associations of jewelers and their partners, in order to bring the particularities of insurance contracts, terminology, limitations, terms, different coverages, etc, a little closer to the end customer, in response to a growing demand for both, policyholders and potential clients, who have received a very positive way the desire of this company by enhancing transparency and knowledge of insurance contracts by the end customer.